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Originally Posted by kkm View Post
majors = the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, US Open

grand slam = winning all four majors in a year

You would have seen Wilson/RPNY stringing the WTA finalists' racquets before the Australian Open final.

The $40000 gold service fee is for customizing a player's racquets and stringing his racquets at the majors and masters 1000 tournaments, not just for customizing. The silver and bronze services are for clients who need customizing only, and probably cost quite a bit less.

Why would the P1 guys charge what it costs them in travel expenses and supply costs? Breaking even is the same as having a job that pays nothing. I'm guessing that they actually want to make a living. Being away from home much of the year, staying in hotels, getting up at odd hours to string while already jetlagged, not having home-cooked meals, finding time to sleep and eat, and otherwise passing time while their players are practicing and playing matches are no fun. Don't forget that racquet techs who do work for touring pros, including P1 and a few others, have specialized knowledge and capabilities, and that's part of what touring pros are paying for. $40000 is not so much for a successful singles player. Pros who sign up with traveling private stringers are also paying for the peace of mind that all they have to do is show of at the tournament and that there will be the same person to take care of their equipment needs. And the pros who have P1 just customize their racquets but not string for them probably believe it to be a decent value, otherwise would they sign with P1?
Oh okay, the guys on ESPN were saying that P1 was stringing the players in the WTA final at the Autrailian Open.

I understand that P1 wants to make money. Isn't that the point of a business?

I don't know, I guess that stringing and customizing a number of racquets didn't sound expensive to me but traveling with them all year seems like they are having a second life.
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