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Originally Posted by Fiji View Post
This will actually end up being Djokovic's draw at RG. If you have been following the draws since the USO, Djokovic has been getting cake draws since then. ITF wants him to win as many slams as possible. Now that Federer breaking the slam record is old news, they figure someone going for the new slam record, Djokovic, will bring interest back into the sport. So he ends up getting clown draws at the slams. This will be trend from now on. Djokovic gets the easiest draw possible. He will always draw Ferrer.
Yeah, a whole two slams; they must be rigging it. Incontrovertible proof right there. Let's go back three slams and see if the "tough draw" pattern for Federer continues--oh wait, it doesn't.

I love the "Fed always gets tough draws" whiners because no matter what the draw is, it's always a 'cakewalk' for Nadal/Djokovic, and always a gauntlet for Federer, even if they draw the same players.

Let's suppose the bottom of the top eight are seeded as follows: 5. Ferrer, 6. Berdych, 7. Del Potro, 8. Tsonga.

If Djokovic draws any of the above, it's a cakewalk draw.

If Nadal draws any of the above, it's a cakewalk draw.

If Federer draws Berdych, Del Potro or Tsonga, it's a 'tough draw'.

I guess Djokovic and Nadal should be blamed for Federer's slam struggles with these big hitters, that way we can attach another asterik to any champion whose given name is not Roger. God forbid anyone other than Federer ever wins anything legitimately.
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