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Originally Posted by TroutSc View Post
thanks for the input. Ive been resting it since tuesday. Hit some groundstrokes and serves today. I dont want to pull out of the tourney, its only my 2nd one and my partners first so will give it a go. Im gonna wrap em both so probably look like a mummy tomorrow. I have a good feeling, so hoping it holds up. we'll see. Been hydrating well taking my vitamins, throwing in a few vitamin BL's tonight. worse thing that can happen is I hurt and have to quit and spend the day watching my wife in her dubs and mixed dubs while enjoying some beverages. otherwise, between my dubs and my wifes 2 events, i think 1 of us will bring home a win. the excitement of lower level rec/club tennis...woo hoo!
Nope, the worst thing is you seriously tear your calf muscle, can't walk for a week, can't play tennis for a month and end up with a chronic calf injury, happened to me 10 years ago, just saying!
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