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Originally Posted by forzamilan90 View Post
I am one who has negatively called some of these guys here "historian," but used that term not in a sarcastic way. I stand by that. Check it out. Kiki basically admitted today the following:

All that crap he talks about today's game, and how magical the past was, and he barely even follows the tour. Can you say biased here? History's even going after all. Bobby admittedly also has said he ain't following the current tour as much, yet they come out with some quite opinionated, controversial, and supposedly "knowledgeable" statements. All I hear out of kiki's mouth in regards to contemporary tennis: is weak era, Fed's h2h with Nadal, not as good as the old days, f***** Kodes, etc. Not much sage talk there.
Forza, Could not be it the other way? That kiki and I followed the current and recent tennis but that we are not too impressed by it? I see enough to be able to judge the modern tennis.
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