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Originally Posted by nightfire700 View Post
Yes, he has a relatively strong arm (throws a lot of balls around while playing cricket) and good timing, though overall he is pretty small for his age. As for the opponent coming to the net, isnt a flat close to the net more difficult to volley back? I will have to observe more on his X-court returns but I think he uses a flat out shot there as well but he does lack consistency there. Maybe its because of the reason you stated. Having said that is there a need to hit way above the net (4-6 feet) to get good spin or one can add good spin even when hitting relatively flat shots (1-2 feet above net) especially if the player is only 52 inches tall?
It's almost impossible to hit a x-court flat shot to the side T, especially for a 9 yr old. You can put a cone at the side T, toss balls to him 1-2' from the corner of the deuce or add court and ask him to nail the cone x-court. You will see that he needs spin to hit it. The side T is a good target for x-court passing shot, when his opponent hits a down the line approach. BTW, he will need to practice loopy balls that are 4-6' over the net. Many of his young opponents will hit these to get him frustrated. He will need to be really patient and only step in to attack short balls with his flatter shot (yes 1-2' over the net).
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