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Originally Posted by anubis View Post
If your coach says that you need a different racquet in order to gain more control, then perhaps you have a bad coach. Most of the more talented coaches on this site all agree that control comes from the player, not the racquet. You learn how to control the ball through swing speed, timing, footwork, top spin, among other things.
If your coach is telling you to get new equipment to hit certain shots, then he's not a coach, but marketer. What are you going to do? Alternate racquets between each service and return game? (some people do that, then I laugh for holding my serve and breaking his/her)

And what are you going to do in a rally? You're going to stop mid-rally just to switch to your "drop shot" racquet, or "retrieving racquet"?

A good coach would teach you to hit EVERY shot with whatever racquet you're using. None of this built-in excuse BS: "oh this racquet doesn't have enough control/power".
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