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Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
Or, you just don't want him to win it because you're so insecure about your hero.

Novak had 2 close calls last year against Seppi and Tsonga. In the final he was getting outplayed until the court was ruined. Highly unlikely that it will be in that condition to suit him again.

Them saying Murray will do well at RG is laughable. Fed is no chance against Rafa at RG, Federer fans should've leaned that by now.

If Nadal does win it he'll be on 12 majors, only 5 away from Federer....
Yeah only 5 away from Federer which means he'd have to win every Roland Garros from now till he's 32 just to tie Federer. Unless of course you were thinking he could win a non-clay slam? ROFL
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