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Slightly off-topic but I was wondering is the 6-8 feet above the net a way to play safe or a demand of the modern game? My son loves to hit as close as possible to the net and most of his shots going within 6-12 inches above the net. His coach has asked him a few times to hit higher but my son is insistent and loves getting really flat barely touching the top-of-net shots. Is this something I should be actively working on as I see more and more advise about hitting higher above the net. He is 9yrs and not very tall at 52 inches.
My 10 year old is just over 5'2" 93lbs, left handed and hits a good amount of topspin. He has a good heavy ball. Hitting 6-8 feet over the net with a bunch of topspin works well at this age. Since his ball has good spin it gets over the shoulders of smaller players or forces them to hit a lot of balls on the rise.

After he splits sets? I try to let him do most of the talking. I have him tell me what is working so that can be reinforced. I then him to make himself work really hard to move his feet and get in position to make a good pass at the ball. I figure at this point he is probably tired and he needs encouragement to keep working hard. Since he is so big this is the greatest challenge.
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