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Originally Posted by lopi View Post
I Tried the TB soft couple of months ago and it is by far the best sting ever for me!! Yes it is much softer VS the original TB, not as crisp but very comfortable. If you have litle issue with your arm that string is a lifesaver. I just tried the RPM this week to compare and there are no comparison in my opinion. TB soft all the way. Better control, not mushy after 1 hour, no plastic feel, alot of power. Its gonna be a big winner. My ball was always little short with the normal Tourbite, now with the soft it is couple of feet deeper. I got a reel of 17 soft. If someone wanna try just send me a email. Of course this is my personal opinion about the string and it always depend of your style, racquet, tension etc. Some persons will love it and some won't!!

NTRP 6.0 and Tourbite soft at 38/40lbs!
Can you send me a set? Since you don't have an e-mail link, just click on my user id and send me an e-mail and I will send you my address. I also have some strings available you might want to try.
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