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Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
You might be better of going to BLX Blade 98 or 93. The Surge is a great begginer racket, but jumping to a BLX PS 6.1 90 or 95 is a totally different beast.

I see a lot of guys who play with 6.1 90 or 95 thinking they can hit like Federer, but are far from it.
Yes, I think blx blade 98 seem suit you better. If you want more control go b
For blade 98 18x20. Blade 16x19 will give you more spin and power... But if you really want to change to blx prostaff, go for ps 95. You always can add weight if you need too...
Yonex vcore tour 97 (330g). Level 3.5-4.0. Ha ha ha!
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