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i will be playtesting Durafluxx, Tour Status and FireWire. looking forward to it!

thought i'd also share this bit of info. i asked Stephan of Tier One Sports what he recommends tension wise for the strings and here's his reply.

"Hi mad dog1,

Although each player has their string tension preference, we believe that these new-generaltion polys perform best in the 48-52 lbs range although we know of customers who string them as low as 40 lbs and as high as 57 lbs (both high level players).

I personally like to string them at 50 lbs.

String differences: Tour Status is the standard, crisp feeing poly. Customers say it plays similar to RPM and Black Code.
Durafluxx is pretty unique due to its soft but low powered impact. This string is NOT providing power and we recommend this string to high level players with high racket speeds. When you string this string at around 50 lbs it feels like you play Tour Status at 40 lbs but with more control. (Nowadays a lot of high level junior start playing with low racket tension)
Firewire definitely has the best ball bite. It almost looks like it takes chunks out of the ball when hitting with lots of spin!

My best advice is to string it at a tension that YOU would usually choose for a poly like RPM and then adjust accordingly in the next attempts.

String patterns, for more spin potential I would recommend a wider string pattern but you will loose some durability.

Hope that helps,


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