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Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
I see a lot of guys who play with 6.1 90 or 95 thinking they can hit like Federer, but are far from it.
... well some people can be a poor man's federer on the local courts...

But seriously, if you only started playing 2 months, and you already have a decent stick, just stay with it until you develop your strokes further. Both the PS 95 and 90 require decent strokes for you to even keep the ball in play without being a dinker. You can jump straight to the 90 if you have the footwork, hand-eye, and decent strokes, but the one thing you should not do is use Poly strings if you are a beginner. Poly strings with mess up your arm if you aren't using correct technique. Polys weren't made for beginners anyways, they are intended for advanced players who hit hard, break strings, and need control. Polys are the worst for the weekend warriors, since they lose tension so fast, you are just wasting your money.
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