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The talk about Murray having a real chance to win RG, or of having a better shot to win RG than Nadal while Nadal still has a pulse, is already enough to laugh off the whole article and anything Wilander especialy says. Ferrer is more a contender to win RG than Murray, and will likely beat Murray again if they play at RG, barring some significant clay improvements from Murray. Heck I would give Del Potro or Berdych more chances to win RG than Murray. The talk about Olderer being more a contender to win RG than Nadal until Nadal has officialy withdrawn from RG or lost several first rounds in a row is also quite the joke. Been on the weed again Mats have we.
ferrer could win RG if he doesnt face any of the real top 4. i dont see him getting over that hump in the big stages. despite being the 4th best clay courter. he doesn't have that level of belief that guys like del potro or soderling had. he also doesn't have a game that matches up well against the top 4.
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