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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Ferrer would have the edge in a match on clay vs Murray, just as he always has had in the past. On any other surface all the top 4 would own him (maybe a small chance vs Nadal on hards), but on clay he has the edge on Murray. He even has a great clay record vs Djokovic, but Djokovic will still beat him if they play at RG.
last year was the only time ferrer beat murray on the big stage. ferrer under preforms on clay in the big stages, and big stages in general. in the past 4 years, he's only made it past the 4th round at RG once, last year, whereas murray has done it 3 times.

in his entire career at RG, ferrer amassed 2 QFs and 1 SF, the same figures as murray despite murray participating in just over half as many RGs.

that's not a great stat to have if you're david ferrer. great on clay in smaller tournaments, but cant bring the heat in the big stages.

if this was a tune up to RG, edge ferrer all the way. but this is RG itself. it's up in the air. i dont favor ferrer over anyone in the top 4 + rafa. i dont see either ferrer or murray winning RG.
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