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Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
LOL at Pat Cash, didn't he say Nadal couldn't win 4 RG in a row before he slaughtered Fed in that 08 final?

We'll have to see how his form is going in to the French Open before we can make a good call on this. It's still months away and during those months he is set for a lot of clay match practice. He is the greatest clay courter of all time so I can't imagine it'll take too long for him to feel at home on his favorite surface.

I predict he'll probably win these 250 tourney's coming up but with okish form, then he'll probably lose IW and Miami earlier than his results last year, then he'll head into the clay masters seasons, pick up form as Monte Carlo goes by, win Barcelona and from there his confidence will be back.
You're not disagreeing with the former tennis pros are you? Isn't their opinion infallible?

Especially if Agassi (his opinion being such a golden standard) says Nadal isn't winning FO this year then I guess we can conclude that as a fact.
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