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Originally Posted by kkm View Post

Plus while there are electronic machines that overshoot, there are electronic machines that don't.

The Stringway ruler is kind of clumsy to adjust exactly the position of the weight on the bar, the ruler is not engraved on the bar, and there could be a better design and method than holding the ruler parallel to the bar to approximate the position of the weight on the bar according to the ruler, no? It surprises me more when this JET method of stringing requires changing tension several times while stringing a single racquet, how can there be great precision in general with a Stringway automatic dropweight, or even greater precision than for an electronic machine, with absolute certainty?
I think where Technatic is coming from is how the electronic machines operate. There must be some on/off built in even if it is just 0.1 lbs (a Wise is about 0.2) so if I set the tension to 60 it pulls to some value (and a good electronic will always be the same) and shuts off. I'm not saying now if the tension is set to 60 it pulls to 60. Then the string relaxes and the electronic tensioner recognizes that an pull again to the same value it did before. So there is a +/- 0.2 error that's almost a half pound. When you clamp the tension could be anywhere in that range. And the faster you are the less consistent you are. The slower you are the more consistent you are. The slower you are the more time the string has to relax. Most of the relaxation is just after the stretch and if you clamp fast enough you cand stop that stretch so the electronic pulls once and is stopped when you clamp. Just like a lockout. If you takes a few seconds and allow the string to stretch the electronic will not continuously pull but will pull several times. If you listen you will hear it cutting off and on. The longer you let it pull the longer the interval between the offs and ons and the more consistent.

I hate to admit this but there is only one type of continuous pull and that is with a drop weight. But is continuous pull really all that great? Would it be more consistent to pull for an exact length of time at an exact tension? If you answered yest you want a lockout. And there are arguments for electronics too.
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