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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
I just checked her bio and she was about a week from turning 32 at the time of Wimbledon 77. Still older than Evert was in any of her wins over Graf (with Graf 16 or younger and a 0 time WTA tour winner at the time of any of those wins), so my point still stands, Chris should have done better than that vs Steffi, and that she didnt indicates Steffi in her peak years would probably have had a huge edge even over a prime Evert.

Anyway my main point wasnt even Steffi, but the 13 match win streak Navratilova compiled over a prime Evert, including numerous embarassingly one sided beatdowns on clay and other slow courts even. Now unlike most I dont think that automaticaly makes Navratilova better than Evert (although I know for most it does and can also understand that line of logic of course). However that is still the biggest indicator of all, with her very poor record vs a semi adult Steffi also an additional indicator, that her peak level play just doesnt rate with many of the others; hence why she cant really be considered aymore than 3rd or 4th all time at best. Definitely no case at all for her being over Graf or even Court imparticular IMO (since even her stats are inferior to theirs, in addition to her level of play), and why some who really value sheer ability per a sequence of stats would probably favor even Serena over her, and might even bump her as low as 6th or 7th behind Navratilova, Serena, Connolly, Wills, as well; hence why some in this thread have done so.

Serena at no age and even at her worst fitness level would be rendered that completely useless by both Navratilova and Graf, nor anyone, as Evert was for a significant stretch of time. Serena and Evert born in the same era, I have no doubt Serena would have a winning record as well, even with all her inconsistent and AWOL stretches. Evert would almost certainly have a winning record on clay, but Serena would win most matches between them elsewhere. In fact born at roughly the same time is there anyone in the all time top 10 Evert would have a winning record against? Court and King would be the most likely as she seemed to be matchups for both of them. Definitely not any of Navratilova, Graf, Serena, or even Seles, and highly unlikely any of Wills, Lenglen, or Connolly based on their sheer dominance of their own times at their peak which far surpassed any she ever reached, even at the height of her clearest time at #1 in the mid 70s. Her final H2H with Navratilova actually wound up alot closer than I suspect her final H2Hs with Graf, Connolly, Serena, and Lenglen especialy would have ended had she born at the same time as those.
no, your point stands when you get things right..

a few weeks from being 32 still isnt fact it isnt even 32..

its still stop adding years for cheap effect...

anyway, you could say wade defeating evert was a shock and it probably was..but you make wade out to be some old granny who got lucky that day..when wade was often in the world top 10 in the 70s and in 1977 after evert she went on to win wimby and her 3rd major after the french in 1969 i think and the australian sometime between 72-75.

also though wade was 31..(nearly 32, defo not 33) in those days physical/athletic skills wernt as important as now (those vids from the 70s and 80s its amazing how much the players dont move around the court)..check out 1960 mens final on youtube fraser vs laver and laver is lobbed and he just let it go over his head).

so glorious virginia wade got the job done on july 1st 1977..beating a defo non athletic betty stove.

dull fact of the day..wade appeared in the singles at winbledon for 24 years in a row..last time in 1985 just before turning 40.

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