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Originally Posted by Crisstti View Post
Lol, my middle name?. It's you who goes: "it's all over the internet, so it must be true!".
The fact that it is on the internet does not make me believe that it may be true, it is the fact that there have been clues and circumstantial evidence bubbling around Nadal for almost as many years as he has been playing from different sources, not just one source. Again, I think that PED's are a big part of pro sports and I would say most if not all of the elite athletes have dabbled at some point in PED's. Try reading the news to see what goes on and what has gone on in all sports over the years, it may help, although in your case I doubt it.

If Nadal stated tomorrow that he was able to walk on water and part the Red Sea, you would believe it no doubt.
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