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I don't me, the dark reinforce is just painting, not the colour of a specific kind of wood, althougt pics taken indoor may make colours more "glossy" and artificial than they are.

The second point is that (see below) that maxply mcenroe is much more "beefer" than the standard one in the throat...the retail mcenroe has just a thin reinforce in fiberglass, and the section of the wood in the throath is very similar to the top of the head... here the throath is much more thicker, which is what you have with the standard maxply, where the reiforce is in wood...and here the reinforce itself seems somehow thicker thand the retail is "curvy" where it begins in the middle of the head, exactely as in the standard maxply fort...

(Or maybe it is just a customised racquet, with a much more beefer wood throath and a thicker fiberglass reinforce...)

In the end, I think that jimbo might be true, i.e. that at some point mac started to use again a standard maxply fort paintjobbed as a maxply mcenroe. Remember that the mcenroe is much more stiffer than the fort, and that mac developed shoulder problems which made him switching to the 200g in march '83. In his autobio he says that when he tried the 200g he was practicing with his "trusty" maxply...

Don't know, really, I have not "the" answer, my feeling is that it is either a fort paintjobbed as a mcenroe or a customised version, but I might be wrong, of course!

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