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Originally Posted by dannythomas View Post
Just 1 more question on this PT ( no more I promise ! ) i ran TW racquet finder search using your suggested criteria and the only racquet that checked nearly all the boxes is the Head Radical Microgel. Since I know this is also highly recommended as being arm friendly I wonder what you think of it. It is also very inexpensive at $90 which I guess means it is being discontinued. It will need a restring since it comes with Head Sonic Pro.
Thanks for your advice on this. Kids will be kids and I can already tell that she would be happy to show off an Aeropro French open even if the new Aeropro is a little better !
The head microgel radical mp is 18X20 use very thin string to get more pop, the sonic pro that comes with it is not bad, try it out and then cut it out, I also like the microgel extreme mp
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