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Originally Posted by directionals View Post
ok, I played a USTA match. Our scores were close and the 2nd set went to a tie break which I won. Before we started our 3rd set 10-point tiebreak, he took a water break for like 6-7 minutes. The water fountain was in the other end of the club, but still it shouldn't have taken him this long. During his water break, I kept walking in the court to keep my legs warm. Well, long story short, I had small cramps in the tiebreak and lost the match.

I guess you know what my question is by now - is a player allowed a long water break after a set?
Unreasonable or unfair? Possibly.

But I think only you have control over your state of physical shape.

I usually didn't let those types of tricks bother me so much, as it wasn't like I was playing in a million dollar tournament.
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