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I have always tried to eliminate or reduce weaknesses. For my level, I do everything well for my level and nothing great. I am not bragging because I know I am not a great player. I am just trying to say I have worked to have a balanced game without any big holes in it.

If you 2 HBH sucks, spend 2-3 months working to improve it. First get a model/plan by either picking a player and studying everything you can find and/or read a book and/or taking a lesson or 2. Then 1 or 2 times a week, isolate time to work on the shot. Hit on a wall with 1 or 2 shot rallys just working on the new model. I say 1 or 2 shot rallys so hitting on the wall will be like hitting a real groundstroke. If you try to hit many balls in a row on a wall the pace is too fast and most people adjust their swing. Hit it with a full 3/4 max swing and only hit 1 good stroke to learn a new stroke. Hit 100 new BH each time out. Andre Agassi, Marat Safin and Djoko all have very simple, clean, compact 2 HBH. Loads of youtube videos of them. and usta player development site have video and instruction too. Lock and roll tennis is another site with good 2 hbh instruction. Note how Agassi and Safin change the R hand into a strong Conti to assist with adding topspin to the shot.

Also, if you are 6' and have a decent serve and forehand, learn to approach the net, volley and hit overheads. Nothing protects a weak BH better than closing out the point at the net before they can get to your BH. Play doubles to work on these shots and commit to trying a few S&V and attacking all short serves and shots.

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