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I tell my son there are different types of shots.

Rally shot -Most of the time when you are behind the baseline you are hitting these higher rally shots. This is where you are exchanging blows with your opponent. Since you are behind the baseline you are FAR from you target. There is no need to go for a winner because you are so far from your opponent. It takes so long for the ball to travel to the target that the opponent has too much time to run it down.

Building shot - This is a ball that is usually shorter and you are closer to your target. You are not looking to put it away but you want to try to build a point around the shot. This is where you try to exploit a weakness or get ahead in the point.

Neutralizing shot - This is when your opponent hit a hard deep ball or one that gives you trouble. You have to neutralize it. This is done by hitting a heavy high topspin ball, hitting the ball deep with spin, or slicing the backhand. The idea is to give yourself time to get back in position and regain your position in the point.

Put away - Typically balls that are real short in the point and you are close to your target.

I Sometimes hit with him and he has to call out what type of shot he is hitting (rally, building, neutralizing, or put away)

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