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Just played a set of doubles today. Just focused on contact in front with a loose arm and a shorter backswing. The forehand felt pretty good when hitting, and the ball looked like it had a heavy quality to it, judging from the way it bounced on the other side. Didn't stay at the back too much, so this is the footage I had, including the return of serve.

Still have minimal PTD (!) So frustrating...

Slow motion, annotated with where I feel the issue is...I drrew a line where I think I should keep the palm down instead of rotating. I forgot about my great idea of keeping the left hand on the top of the racquet face...
Perhaps instead of focusing on your palm, you may want to try and focus on the buttcap of the racquet. (different things resonate with people) In the downswing always "hide the buttcap from the line of the ball. Trust me, when you begin to pull on the racquet, it will "flip" and align properly. In fact, this is one of the keys to maximizing stretch shorten.. the quick internal to external rotation of the arm.
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