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Originally Posted by TheCheese View Post
This isn't a competition, nobody here "wins" or "loses", we're all just trying to help the OP improve his game.

Rafa and Fed have very similar forehand mechanics. I'm busy right now, I'm not going to go look for a video. I happened to have a Fed vid in mind that I remembered him hitting with a bent arm in. It's obvious Rafa would do the same thing. Do you think he'd try and force a straight arm and whiff on a shot if it's slightly too close to his body?
Yes, we're trying to help the OP improve. That's exactly the point: you said to emulate a player with the exact opposite style of stroke. Even if he does hit it bent when out of position, it's not his stroke. What you're advocating is copying someone's form when they can't hit their ideal forehand. In other words, you're telling someone to copy a player's form when it's at its worst. My point was: instead of trying to win your argument, why not advocate a player that the OP hits like the majority of the time?
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