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Originally Posted by IA-SteveB View Post
You are definitely not in the minority. Tennis has a very high percentage of strange people who are wound tightly. There are at least three people on five courts of my tennis league who I do not like playing with or against and I tend to like everyone. Some of these people I just let slide with their bad calls simply because I am there to have fun. Do I want to win and compete? Sure. I also don't want to get into it with a guy who is a cheeseburger short of a Happy Meal.
I'm with you. As I don't have an pro tennis career aspirations (or delusions?), I'd much rather play with someone who is fun with a pleasant disposition than a great player who can't even crack a smile or manage to carry a conversation other than mumbling a few words.

The same goes for my playing golf. I find playing a round with a good natured, fun novice more preferable than with a great golfer with a personality of a stone. The latter type of player can make a 4 hour golf round seem like a 8 hour round.
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