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Originally Posted by okdude1992 View Post
WHAT? The same Almagro that put in the choke of the century against Ferrer at the AO. Almagro could be up 6-0 5-0 and I'd still take Nadal.
Originally Posted by kishnabe View Post
Almagro best chance to reach MP and lose to Nadal!
Originally Posted by merwy View Post
Almagro? I'd give Federer a bigger chance of beating Nadal on clay. Also Murray, Ferrer, Tsonga, Berdych, Tipsarevic, Del Potro and more players. Almagro is spanish, which means he's a lapdog AND he has a one handed backhand which means he's very vulnerable on clay against Nadal. Not to mention that his level is just way below that of Nadal.
The last two times he's faced Nadal on clay, Almagro had him on the ropes but just couldn't finish it out. He's been closer to defeating, hell taking SETS off Nadal than Tsonga, Berdych, Tips, and Del Potro on clay. He doesn't roll over and die against Nadal on clay.

Originally Posted by zagor View Post
Almagro is a mental midget in general, not Nadal's lapdog.

Almagro's game actually matches up well with Nadal, his 1HBH is excellent at dealing with high balls (he's a CC specialist) and he usually does give Nadal tough matches on clay in comparison to the field.
Thank you. Somebody w/some logic
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