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Originally Posted by slice bh compliment View Post
Great post...for 2011. BUT...
Not sure what kind of specs you like, corkscrew, but man, you've got to try the new line. The new f 3.0 is remarkable. I just wish it came with just 16 mains.
And now the m 2.0 will (similar specs, open pattern, cool blue and silver look).

Now, I've only tried a few of the new ones, but it looks like Dunlop has bridged the gap from their traditional frames to the BABOLAT-ish, stiffer, more powerful feel. Not sure why they got rid of most of the aeroskin thing, but the new ones are quick like an AeroProDrive and solid like a Prestige or a Pro Staff.

I have been playing a strong level of tennis since the sweet early graphite era. I am a pretty loyal babolat Pure Storm Tour guy (used to use the Limited), and I've also always used ALL of the the various Dunlop 200g line, including the AG and Biomimetic 200 tour. I don't really like gimmickry much, but like you, I do like to see the new stuff every year or two.

As you guys know, they have not yet released the new f and m 2.0s yet, but I got to hit with the m 2.0 with a friend who is a teaching pro. So good. A little light in the handle -- just begging for a leather grip. Stiff, powerful, maneuverable, but it's solid and sort of damp feeling.

I think this is the year Dunlop has gone out on a limb and made a really great change. Not just a paint job, and also not one of the many 'gamechanging gimmicks' either.
i agree with all that you've said here. while those looking for that soft felx and great ball dwell time will be disspointed, those looking for a modern racket that has great arm protection and still gives some feel to the ball will like this frame. i switched to the F3.0 tour because opponents told me that my shots were more difficult for them to hit and i could see that i was playing better. i love the feeling of dunlop's older frames but this new generation of frames is going to bring the company into the new era of tennis. volkl did the same thing and these are my two favorite companies. smart to keep a classic line for the traditionalists but this new line is gamechanging as the F3.0 tour has changed mine for the better.
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