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Originally Posted by tyu1314 View Post
I think if its only 4hrs a week then it shouldn't be much of a problem. No matter your grades are good or bad ,4hrs a week really wouldn't make any difference.

But are you sure the coach really only need you for only 4hrs a week? 4hr can only allow you to not practice and just go one match a week.
Thats what i was thinking but its my parents car and we are asian lol. Also getting a B/A does make a difference on gpa to transfer to UC

He asked me to join 3 weeks ago but then i realized that its too much time with my class load and when added up, itll take a lot of gas. He then asked if could come 3 days a werkwhich i tried but parents complained about that too. Now he asked me just to play for tuesday matches. I still practice were i live at the highschool since i coach there
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