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I'd like not to be very strict on the written specs, and instead want to hear testimonies from field experience. IMO both racquets fall on similar categories: mid size, control oriented, fast (headlight and thin) and not a lightweight (for me it's a bit on the heavy side).

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i dont think the specs are similar. i play the yonex andi can say that it is very solid and manuevrable. you would not feel a bit of the suggested swing weight, it is very very fast. the same goes for the head size you will feel that its a 95"

didnt try the volkel to give you a precise advice. but the 89 is truely an amazing racket.
Just like what you said, I often heard that VCT89 shall have lighter SW than suggested. And quite funny I saw one comment about O10Mid that said quite the opposite:

Comments: Love this racquet. Just ordered it after playing with the PB10 for a while. I strung it with X1 Biphase mains at 60 lbs and Pro Red Code crosses at 57 lbs. After hitting with it for a few hours today I find that it has a bit more power than the PB10 with no compromise on control. Seems to have a larger sweetspot and more spin potential as well. Feels a bit heavier than the PB10, higher swingweight probably, which actually works out better for me. Very arm friendly as well. Only downside is that serves didn't have much pop.
From: Harry, 1/13
Because PB10's SW is 320 so I assume he said that the actual SW felt heavier than on the paper.

It seems that it's still too early to ask this question.
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