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Originally Posted by Chemist View Post
No system is perfect. But is the best system out there.

I am wondering if we can pay a fee to TRN for you to tell us what my son's ranking might have been if he were a sophomore. It can be done pretty easily, first find him in the master ranking list; then find the sophomore who is ranked just ahead of him. This virtual ranking may be interesting in our conversation with college coaches. My son beat several 5 star sophomores in the past 12 months and he would likely be a 5 star if he were a sophomore.
That exactly why some people hold kids back a grade. When you (or I) who have smart kids, we would not want to do that. At least in my case, we save for college of their dreams instead. Why hold back a grade 'cause your smart child's birthday? Think about that high school kids need tons of AP classes to show for college admissions. Why hold the (smart) kids back then take tons of APs.
Does not make sense to me....unless parents already burned their college funds through tennis.
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