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Originally Posted by dizzlmcwizzl View Post
I think you will find most tennis folks (even on TT) are extremely generous and friendly on the court while in social situations. League tennis however is a small subset of most players court time.

I have played a lot of league tennis, but in some years league tennis has represented less than 5% of my court time for the year. I suspect that if a player gets 5-6 league matches per year, then these matches take a lot more importance make them a little more an@l retentive.

Personally, if it were the world according to DIZZ I would want teammates that were great to hang around and have fun with in non-league play. But once the league season begins and matches start getting recorded for posterity, I want someone who cares if they win or lose.
I like this world of DIZZ. I also care about winning and losing when it matters.

I just don't think league tennis matters enough to me where I'd treat others poorly or be a jerk about it. It'd be different if I were playing in a tournament where millions of dollars in prize money was involved, but I'm not.
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