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A teaching pro isn't likely to want a string like this.

7-8 hours on the court all day, hitting 1000s of balls and varieties of feeds, with the vast majority of his clients being ladies who lunch, middle aged guys, kids, beginners, club hackers who want to make the Tour, the odd talented junior etc.

His arm would disintegrate in no time. It's not even a feel based string.

Pretty fair review in most parts though. 4G is a control orientated, relatively low powered, directionally accurate, stiff poly but which doesn't offer a huge amount of 'grab' or bite on the ball. It's also a string, which over time, will be hard on the arm.

I still vastly prefer Alu over this string, even if it does last only 2-3 hours. That initial crispness and confidence that it give is just sublime. Good shout out regarding Pacific Poly Force / Poly Force Extreme though. I'm surprised that it doesn't get more coverage on these forums. Then again, there's not much branding or hype surrounding it....

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