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I first added the leather grip because of the bevel feel. As I started playing heavier hitters, I felt I needed weight to help stabilize off centered shots and did the 3/9 lead. Through experimenting I found that additional weight at 5/7 helped my style of play. It brought the balance back to stock.

I matched up a 2nd London and played with them with primarily multi and syn gut beds. Enjoyed this set up for a couple of years.

About 6 months ago I found time in my schedule and started playing almost every day. My elbow was feeling pretty good and I participated in a couple of poly tests. The tests I did during late summer/early fall was fine. I participated with another couple poly tests in mid to late October and started to feel pain again on the medial side of my elbow (GE). I think the second set of poly strings where also stiffer than the previous test

I then found the London's being blown out and picked up another one with gut while the other ones where set up with a poly/multi hybrid. I found that my weighted racquets where tough to play with. The stock stick w gut was playing really well and I found my skills had improved while playing with more advance players.

I took off all the lead on the other racquets and added minimal weight at 12 to bring the balance back to stock. I haven't hit with those much as I have been enjoying the stock weight (yet dearly missing the feel of the leather grip).

Still feels a bit light and want to try my re-modded racquets soon.
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