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Default Really???

When I pull with my machine, I am standing to one side and the pulling tensioner moves in front of me to my right, as I am right handed. The pulling happens from left to right, not in any way toward my body.

So if a string were to break, and somehow make it thru the grommets with a lot of speed, it might get one of my hands if they were near the racquet, but I cannot imagine how the string might make contact with my torso.

And, of course, the string would have to be a main, as I cannot imagine a cross making it all the way out of the stringbed.

If the string involved was not in the racquet and being pulled by the gripper, that is a really short piece and again, I do not see how it could hit your torso unless you were hunched over the tensioner.

I need a bit more to go on here.


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