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Originally Posted by Mainad View Post
Something was definitely impeding his movement by the start of the 3rd set. He had just taken the MTO after the 2nd and had his foot bandaged so I had presumed that must be the factor. I watched him standing on the baseline at the start of the 3rd set and he was hardly moving unlike in the first 2 sets.

It is a bit of a puzzle because his first 5 matches were fairly straightforward affairs and didn't make him spend too much time on court, unlike at the US Open where he had several tough matches prior to the final. The semi with Federer was his only 5 setter and the only one where he dropped sets. Evidently the one day of rest he had between the semi and the final was not quite sufficient for him to play another sustained match while on top form. Djokovic did have the benefit of 5 days to recuperate from the exertions of the Wawrinka match (his only really tough one) given that Ferrer was never able to take any advantage from it in their semi.

I do wonder if an extra day's rest would have made any difference? In any event, it seems that Murray needs a bit more recovery time than Djokovic and Nadal and suggests that his fitness and stamina, while better than most on the tour, is not quite up to the level of those two as yet.
We're also assuming that Nadal and Djokovic aren't doping. Since Djokovic already made it publicly known that he hasn't been tested in 6-7 months and on top of that, the testing in tennis is a big joke.
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