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Originally Posted by JGads View Post
Well, it's more difficult than what I'm used to, which are more driving sticks with tighter patterns and more heft, which plow through the ball and court more easily. The Steam is a different beast for me. The ball tends to sail slower - but often longer - through the air, so the ball flight gives it depth but the pace isn't screaming. Result, very often then, is that the opponent gets to the ball but then has to deal with a short hop and sometimes a very tricky bounce.

That's why I say it's more of a grinder's stick. The ball flies faster and more directly off of my other frames, so I get more winners. They're also heavier and tighter in pattern, so if I miss, I miss short. With the Steam, I miss long when I miss. But not launching the ball as often as I thought I would. And I CAN flatten the ball out with the Steam, but not as easily and still not as 'heavily' as what I'm used to.

With the Steam I feel like David Ferrer. I'm going to get everything back and move you and spin you to death, grind you down and either let you make the mistake or ill hit a winner when I open up the right angle after a few shots. With my Radicals I'm playing a bit more 'first-strike' tennis, more winners, probably more unforced errors into the tape.

Either can win matches. Thus far my other sticks feel more satisfying but the Steam demo has been doing nothing but winning points since I got it.
Oh dear, I agree with you Gads, especially on the evidence of 1 set I played yesterday. Frankly, it's a bit of a worry because the above so puts me in mind of my experiences of toiling away with the Exo 100. Took me maybe a month to realize that frame and me didn't match up. Hope this isn't the same scenario.
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