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Originally Posted by lcalamar View Post
let us know what you think of the V1.

I have an X8 and went to that racquet after demoing all head and babolat as well as a couple wilsons. I switched from prince and never thought I'd leave prince.

everything should be on the table... lots of brand bias out there.

there are a lot of great all around mids out there that you won't go wrong with.
Well, I had a chance to demo the Donnay Pro One 97 (16x19), Donnay Formula 100, Volkl Organix V1 midsize, and the Yonex Vcore 100 S.

For ME, the winner was.... the Yonex Vcore 100 S.

I didn't really worry about the type of strings in the demo racquets or their tension, as I'm looking to play tennis recreationally (league or not). My main goals were to find a racquet that didn't feel too stiff as to injure me down the road, had a decent sized sweet spot, didn't require TOO much modding with lead tape and the like, and powerful but not TOO powerful as to require too much effort on my part to keep shots from flying out of the court with my fast swing speed.

I felt the Yonex Vcore 100 S accomplished all that, more or less. At least it did so for me to a greater extent than the other racquets.

The Volkl Organix V1 was nice but too light of a racquet for me.

The Formula 100 was nice but too powerful.

The Pro One was nice but I prefer a head size of at least 100 sq inches. If I had a one handed backhand, I probably would have gone for the Pro One with its smaller head.

My thanks again to all who chimed in. It's a little mind boggling just how many racquets there are on the marketplace to choose from. And I thought finding a nice set of golf irons was difficult! It's a walk in the park compared to finding a tennis racquet.
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