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Originally Posted by SwankPeRFection View Post
No joke here... One time we played a team who had two short Asian guys who would constantly foot fault no matter what. It's how their service motion was. And the foot fault was in by a good 6 inches or so. I laughed at the match, which we lost, but told them that if they make it to state they'd lose their *** for all the foot faults their doing. They disagreed. Fast forward to the end of that season and them making it to state and losing every single match they played. Turns out, people were getting ticked with it during matches and called in officials to make the calls. Foot fault city.
I would have done exactly what you did. It's a shame that those 2 players didn't have the grace to thank you for sharing your observations and also for not calling foot faults on them.

Originally Posted by OrangePower View Post
You my friend are a prince among men. You are definitely the only one seeing as the rest of us on this forum are all just lowly cretins.
Ha ha. No, I'm also a lowly cretin but I don't get worked up over league tennis play (which I see as a good way to meet some great people over a fun sport).

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I was just thinking a little more about my league. Maybe all leagues are like this, but you play three sets and switch partners at each. Most wins moves up and least wins moves down with the other two staying on that particular court. There are people that have all of the game scores figured out and know exactly what they need to move up, stay, or God forbid move down a court. These guys will be the first ones to want to quit at 4-4 if a time limit is coming up because they have it figured out. For me, I never really care about any of that. At the end of the night, it's always a surprise to me whether I stay or move to a different court. Some guys take it personally if they move down and blame others. "Man, I hate playing with Eddie in the first set. He plays once a week and it takes him a set to warm up." Part of me wants to remark, "Man, I hate playing with YOU because you coach and whine. Let's get this done." I'm too nice for that. Haha
I feel exactly as you do. I wonder if players who are so intent on "gaming" the system are also the same ones who insist on splitting a meal check down to the penny (I just round to the nearest dollar or tens of dollars and offer to pay the greater amount if it's not an even split).
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