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Originally Posted by travlerajm View Post
Your wrist will naturally rotate effortlessly to generate the spin if your racquet is tuned for it.
So the belief that a smaller grip increases wrist flexion, rotation and pronation, which increases spin, is wrong?
Originally Posted by travlerajm View Post
Any amount of weight added anywhere will affect the dynamic stiffness and spin. It is up to you to experiment and find what you like best.
I'm sure I remember reading a post where you said lead at 9" increases stiffness. How high can I go above 7" without affecting stiffness, to increase mgr/i?

What is your views on racket technologies? Is an increase in power/sweetspot even a good thing for a decent player, who can generate there own power? Do the Exo3 port-holes really increase power, control, sweetspot, comfort and spin?

I have been placing all of my lead at 12' to decrease mgr/i. Should I be adding some at 10/2, 3/9 etc?

Does muscle strength/ fast twitch muscle fiber's have an effect of mgr/i? This is based on the belief that a person with the same muscle mass can have more muscle strength/more fast twitch type muscles.

The wrist is pretty heavy and people differ in wrist's mass substantially. What about wide vs narrow wrists? Add to this people of the same height can have different arm length/hand size. I'm not sure you should be advising people there is an optimal mgr/i per height. I think you should advise everyone to find their own personal mgr/i.

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