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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
You are probably talking about 4.5+ which is your level. Below that, the simple arc swing is better, isn't it?
Oh boy... it‘s lot more specific than that.

It depends on how skillful you are: you simply need a “textbook“ swing with the simple stuff like a good stance, a stable and consistent swing path and relatively good footwork habits (including bending your knees when required). From there, you ADD new stuff like what I talked about.

But a guy could rip big forehands, yet have an horrible backhand or a poor serve. He can‘t play at a high level, but his forehand could still be massive. It doesn‘t need to be 4.5 to hit as 8 explained... just a very average level of skill and a rather consistent swing is enough.

Of course, if you want to crank up the pace or try to hit as I explained against an other big hitter, that‘s an other story altogether.
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