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Originally Posted by YesTennis View Post
Did you find that one could play with the Steam 99 with a semi western fh? I hit with a fair amount of topspin, but not a full western fh with massive topspin. Also concerned how it was for someone with a one hand bh. Thanks in advance.
I hit with a semi-western FH and had my share of deep in balls, as well as a number hit just long. The spin is still very good. I also hit with a 1HBH and there were both good and bad shots; in the high-level singles and doubles matches I played, footwork was the difference. Best advice is to demo; I'm surprised that TW is late to the party with demos, as I had to go elsewhere. I love the Blade 98 (black & gold) for singles; not so much for doubles. Hopefully, my modded Graphene MP can do both.
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