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Originally Posted by hoodjem View Post
Surprisingly, we seem to share many of the same tastes. I would rank my composers:
1. Beethoven
2. Bach
3. Schubert
4. Des Prez
5. Machaut

I am a big fan of Sibelius, Bruckner, and Vaughan Williams also. I do appreciate some Mozart, but mostly only the late stuff--from K. 475 on. The earlier music seems immaculately composed but not very deep to me. Die Zauberflöte and Fidelio, and maybe Othello are about the only operas I can stand. Unfortunately, almost every time I go somewhere I can get tickets to a quality opera production, it is of La Boheme. So I have seen that maybe 20 times--unfortunately.

This summer I shall see Rossini's The Barber of Seville in Vienna. We shall see . . .

I cannot say something about Des Prez and Machaut. Too long away...

I love Beethoven because of his positive attitude, his ability to give pure joy. And his versatility. He masters so many styles. He can compose like Bach, like Schubert, like Mozart. He has written more great works than any other composer.

Schubert has written so many first-class songs plus several perfect symphonies, sonatas, quartetts.

I love Vaughan Williams's Fantasy on Greensleeves. That song is possibly the most melancholic song at all and maybe the best melody ever written...

I like Bruckner's 4th and 7th symphony.

Sibelius is great: Karelia Suite, Violin Concerto, Symphonies...

I especially love the fourth movement of his second symphony: great and deeply felt music!

I accept Mozart mostly only from KV 300 onwards with a few exceptions: 136, 250,183...

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