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Originally Posted by omega4 View Post
After reading a number of threads in this sub forum, I think I might be the only one who thinks that some players take their league tennis way too seriously.

I like to win in life as much as the next person. But with the exception of my job and career, it isn't like winning in league tennis is the end all be all of my existence.

I mean, it's not like we're playing in a million dollar tournament. So I think why don't more players lighten up and just have fun playing quality tennis?


(just kidding.... lol!)

As I have posted in other threads, I like to interact, joke, make friends, make the right calls as best as I can.... (but don't mistake that for lack of desire to win)... I'm just by nature an friendly extrovert and that is reflected in my on-court demeanor.

Some doubles partners I've played with are all serious about stuff, with no friendly stuff allowed... so I dial it back, but I will still compliment opponents on great shots, hand them the balls on changeovers, etc... I just cut back on the joking or chit-chat.

What this does for me is I have a huge list of people I can call to play, or have no problem finding partners for tourneys, or often get invited to play or recruited to join leagues or club stuff. You reap what you sow.
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