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Originally Posted by pkshooter View Post
Many people over rate top spin doesn't mean that top spin is over rated. There's kids on my highschool team that just lob thinking oooooo top spin, and then there's the guy at the park no one plays with because he just junk balls all the time. The simple tennis philosophy as I know it is, hit it hard and deep -> step into the net. Top spin for the average joe is not for the high bounce, or rather shouldn't be, but for how it makes the ball dip with in the lines.
Actually, getting some bounce can be a good way of neutralizing your opponent. I personally use loopier strokes as a variation and I tend to aim forehand side for these... for what I do, it works well: it‘s very hard to be incisive off an heavy ball without risking too much, besides the kick often pulls my opponent off the court.

However, that‘s me and that‘s what is fit for the situation... different situations call for adjustments and different player use different qualities as their staple shots. Some do hit good and heavy forehands. Of course, between moonballs and heavy forehands, there is a margin...

As for your emphasis on deeper strokes, it‘s always making the best use of the court‘s geometry. The harder and flatter you hit, the more linear and the less angular your game becomes: it makes it easier for your opponent to cover the court. I might work for you because of some of your personal qualities, but it‘s not a one size fits all advice.
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