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Originally Posted by srvnvly View Post
The 105S is more of a toy for me; I need to pull it out of the bag against my harder-hitting friends, just to see if it would make a difference. The 99 felt good on some shots, but felt clunky on some volleys. It's weird that its supposed to swing lighter than the 99 S, but it didn't seem as maneuverable. I ordered a customized Speed Graphene MP, modded to 11.4 oz, 3points HL, and SW of 328, strung with X1B 17 at 50 lbs. I am anxious to see how this "experiment" turns out.
Keep us posted. I tried a demo of the Speed MP that was strung full bed Sonic Pro. It felt very good to swing, but felt under powered to me, with many balls landing short. Parasailing noted the same in another thread. Interested to see what you think with full bed X1B.
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