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Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post
^^^Yep, can't wait for him to name them! Sureshs only listens to people who are "verified"!
And just what have you done given all the 'expert' advice and opinions you give here? I'm not going to name them because I'm not going to subject them to the 3.5 'experts' here who will criticize how they play. Unlike others I don't need to drop names to make myself feel important. But I've worked with several ATP players--1 achieved a career high world ranking in the 30's, another in the 60's, I currently work with 3 Challenger/Futures players. The WTA players I've worked with have earned rankings in 70's and another in the 90's--I currently work with a player playing the ITF circuit. I have also coached internationally ranked juniors and college players. I have also been a practice/hitting partner for many ATP & WTA pros. None were coached to hit to the safe targets presented as some groundbreaking system and they've done pretty well. I hold several certifications, accreditations and awards for coaching. How about you? Why should we take anything you say seriously? Your boy is banned--deal with it.

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