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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
I mean that Rosewall is the Schubert of tennis (both tops and underrated), Laver the Beethoven, Gonzalez the Bach and Tilden the Mozart. Just four giants in both fields.

Hoad could rank as Brahms or Mahler, still on a very high place....
Let's try this;

Tennis Music

1) Hoad Bach
2) Gonzales Beethoven
3) Laver Mozart
4) Federer Wagner
5) Rosewall Handel
6) Budge Brahms
7) Vines Verdi
Kramer Debussy
9) Sampras Mahler
10) Borg Bartok
11) McEnroe Berlioz
12) Sedgman Stravinsky

There is no point-by-point similarity here, other than relative stature.
The music list is top-weighted with Germans and Austrians, the tennis list with Australians and Americans.
The composers belong to an older era.
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