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Originally Posted by omega4 View Post
Maybe tennis is different from golf. If I took a 20 year vacation from playing golf, there's no way I could hit a 270 yard drive or hit my approach shots to within 10 ft of the pin in less than a month or so from getting back into playing golf.

But maybe tennis IS that much easier to re-master than golf....
Most definitely. Tennis is hitting a big yellow ball with a 100 sq inch racquet.
I was a great golfer in HS but I know it would take me many many rounds to get back to where I was if I even cared about golf anymore. I played HS tennis one year of JV and was a 3 at best. I came back at 40, self rated a 3.5 (not by choice) and am still 3.5 computer rated. The game came back quick and I am much better than I was in HS after 9 months of semi regular play. Still a long way to go to ever get 4. It will take some lessons to do that.
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