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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Dan, Interesting double list.

There are two big missing men in your lists: Tilden and Schubert!

I confess that I don't like Debussy.

Yes, it's a phenomenon that the top classic composers were from Austria and Germany. Stravinsky is the only classic composer of your list who lived long enough to reach the great Australians in tennis. He died in 1971.
Yes, many (including Philip Downs, author of Classical Music, who rates Wagner below Schubert) would put Schubert high.
I like his last four piano sonatas, the E flat Mass, and the String Quintet, but much of his music I find brooding and sad. Not my taste.
Debussy and Stravinsky were dominating influences, although I prefer Bartok, whose music has proven to have more staying power.

Tilden was brilliant, but I doubt that he was superior to Williams of 1914-16, and Allison Danzig claimed that Tilden played his absolute greatest match in the 1927 Forest Hills final against Lacoste, which he lost in straight sets.

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